Today we can visit the Paprika Museum, which is run by the Molnár family in Röszke and presents the production of paprika.

At the Paprika Museum, we have collected memories of our 200-year-old paprika heritage and will tell you about it in film, pictures and guided tours.

At the Museum you can get answers to questions such as:

- why did they start to grow paprika in Szeged

- what was the innovation in Szeged that made this herb a success

- what makes red paprika red

- what does the university have to do with paprika

- what is the difference between sweet and delicacy grinds

- how did traveling paprika merchants work

- who were the first exporters

- what happened during the ‘paprika ribillió’ (paprika crisis)

- how did someone get into prison for paprika possession?

And we get answers to many other questions as well during the guided tour, while we can also see the Mill in action.

Important information!

Registration is possible until 16:00 on the day before the program, by entering the number of people, during working hours from 8:00 to 16:00 in person at the Tourinform Office or by phone at +36 (62) 660 710.
To participate in the programs, a minimum of 5 people required to register or a minimum fee of HUF 8,500 paid, and these can be changed as required by prior arrangement.
Gathering is at 9:45 and departure is at 10:00 from the main entrance of St. Elizabeth Spa, Mórahalom (6782 Mórahalom, Szent László park 4.) Arrival is also here.

The full duration of the programs: 1.5 – 2 hours

Ticket prices:

Age 0-3 free
Others: 3500,- HUF

Detailed information:

Móra-Tourist Nonprofit Kft.
Tourist Mórahalom
Open: Monday – Friday 8:00 – 16:00
H-6782 Mórahalom, Tömörkény utca 3.
Telephone: +36 (62) 660 710
Erika Ótott-Kovács: +36 (70) 31 23 092

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