Móra-Túra Challenge

February 19, 2021, 1:00 PM - December 31, 2021, 12:00 AM

A little challenge!

As spring approaches, we thought we were making a self-guided tour that anyone could complete on their own at any time!
Important: hikers will be rewarded with a small gift.

What will you need for this?

For a camera device, momentum and fun!
Although the local knowledge doesn't hurt, if you come from further afield, Dear Explorer, don't worry, because in the description you will find all the necessary information!
It’s important to take a picture at each station and bring it to us when you leave for your reward!
If you like it, post on the popular insagram and facebook during the tour with the following notation: #visitmorahalom #moraturachallenge #morahalomtelennyaron

Station 1 St. Ladislaus Park
Welcome to the first stop of our tour Our Adventurer! You're probably standing in St. László Park, so take a look around!
The statues and monuments, surrounded by trees and commemorating our historical turning points, are permanent residents of the park waiting for those who want to relax.
Let us go back in time to get to know them. In the middle of the park stands the World War I memorial, which was built in 1927 and inaugurated on a beautiful Sunday, September 4, by Archduke Joseph. The work commemorates the soldier of the fallen hero of 1071 Alsótanya.
Now that you have a glimpse of it, come and drift on the stories of Mórahalom!
But before you move on, make a selfie with the statue!

2. Szekler Gate
Surely this is the “most hidden treasure” of all the stations you can see in the city center, next to the bus station. What does this handmade masterpiece in the middle of the city symbolize? So ask the gate itself! But if you don't sing, don't be discouraged, we'll tell you. Our town has an active relationship with the village of Csíkszentmárton in Transylvania. Its inhabitants donated this beauty to our settlement!
Please stand for a minute in front of the artistic gate and don't forget the photo here!

3. Park of a Thousand Years
The treasures of historical Hungary close to the body: discover the valuable architectural and historical heritage of our past through 48 detailed models, which, combined with a wide range of professional guidance and occupations, provide an exceptional experience for the whole family!
And if you only have a few minutes, capture your trip at the selfie spot in front of the Park!

4. Nagyszéksós Buffalo Reserve
The popular hiking destination, the lake inhabited by birds, the constant hustle and bustle. Maybe this sentence will immediately remind everyone where we got to. The Nagyszéksós Lake and the Buffalo Reserve are frequently visited by locals. In all seasons, it’s worth watching both the sunrise and the sunset by the lake shore, as the orange glowing sky provides an unforgettable experience. Among the creatures here you can see a jumping little buffalo, a white swan, a crane, and you can also meet the rare egret, but you can also get to know the stork with its special name! If you are adventurous, take the Böömbika educational trail around the lake and you are guaranteed to return home with many experiences!
Please don't miss the photo here, take a picture at the selfie point!

5. “terminal” Móra-Tourist Nonprofit Kft.
Dear challenge! In front of our office, after taking your last selfie, check us out Monday to Friday from 8am to 4pm for your well-deserved reward. What is it? All we can say is that surprise… trust us with the rest!
It is important to bring the photos to us and have the final picture (line) in front of our office!
So, do you accept the challenge? ;)