Home of the Siberian iris

The Csipak mounds are perhaps one of the most valuable nature reserves around Mórahalom. The small basin is a particularly popular roaming spot for hikers.

Visitors can encounter a variety of lawn types. Reeds, and elsewhere rush-beds appear. Yet the ruler of the area is the purple moor-grass dominated moorland. Willow carrs and white willow groves provide shade from the scorching sun for tired adventurers.


Length: 3 km

Type: information boards

Language: Hungarian, English, Serbian

Recommended to visit: March-October, on foot

Access: Parking is available at the Green Community House.

Recommended equipment: waterproof footwear, binoculars, mosquito repellent.

Do not leave your cameras at home, as in addition to Siberian iris and bastard iris, you can come across a number of protected plant specialties. Always look before your feet as well, as a sausage ground beetle or a Theophilea subcylindricollis may be crossing your way right there. And if you listen a bit better, you will surely hear the song of the red-footed falcon that breed in the area.

You can hear even more specialties about the Csipak mounds during the organized guided tours, where you can walk around the area with nature-loving companions.