This is us


Guest at the house, joy at the house - that's what the saying goes. We, the people of Mórahalom, are hospitable people, and beyond that we have something to be proud of, there is something to expect from a guest.

If you ask a local person what they would like to show the guest, they would definitely mention St. Elizabeth's Spa, the Rose Meadow, the Equestrian Center, the buffaloes in Nagyszéksós and the Park of the Thousand Years.

Get to know the environment that is so important to us that we are proud of!

More information about the history and development of our settlement can be found here.

If you are interested in the tourist offer of the area and visit us, visit the Tourist Office, where you can get our tourist publication, calendar of events or our map, which will help you find your way around the cavalcade of sights and programs.

Have fun, be our Guest!

Móra-Tourist Nonprofit Kft.

For more than 10 years, our work has been an integral part not only of Mórahalom, but also of tourism in the region. Our members include local governments, non-governmental organizations (tourism and nature conservation associations), tourism service providers (accommodation, restaurants) and professional companies. However, not only our ownership, but also our range of activities is diverse, so we deal with, among other things:

- accommodation (youth and community accommodation, apartment house),

- with passenger transport, shuttle (minibuses, BUBA bus - electric sightseeing minibus)

- with vehicle rental (minibus, bicycle - also electric)

- with a tour guide

- with software packages

- with event organization (Majális and Picnic in Nagyszéksós, Mórahalom Pálinka Competition and Crumb Festival)

- compiling and organizing programs (local product tasting, etc.)

Thanks to our experience so far and the professional cooperation in the area, we try to acquaint and make Mórahalm and its surroundings with our guests every day.

In light of all this, allow me, dear Interested Party, to bring you a little closer to you with our website the small treasures, adventures and experiences in the area that are just waiting for you!

If you have any questions about the information on the website, you can find our contact details on the contact page and you can also find out about our colleagues.