The Futó-Dobó Riding Center is located in the direction of Szeged, from Mórahalom, in the Szent János area.

It has a characteristic-looking indoor riding school, which opened its doors to visitors in 2012.It is named after István Dobó, who kept racehorses in the late 1800s. He toured every city in the country where a horse race was held. With few exceptions, the horses in the farmers ’race brought the first prizes everywhere. That's why he got the adjective "Runner."

He had nearly 500 acres of land, most of which he earned from money he got in horse races. "… Otherwise, he was a nationally known, smart, good-looking, educated peasant after his racing horses," writes György Szécsy.

Visitors to the center can go jogging and cross-country riding, children can go pony riding. They also undertake pony capture, wage maintenance and therapeutic riding led by specialist therapists.

The Horseshoe Riding Theater presents its performances at the Futó Dobó Riding Center. The open-air theater also hosts large concerts, prose and other spectacular performances indoors in the summer in a unique setting.

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