The swimming pool is located in the immediate vicinity of the Móradomb Sports Hall.

The two complexes are connected by a corridor, which makes it even easier to use. Free parking is reserved for guests in the immediate vicinity of the swimming pool. Swimming pool: Water temperature: 27 C ° Learning pool: Water temperature: 30 C ° Jacuzzi: Water temperature: 37 C ° Cold water plunge pool: Water temperature: 20 C °.

The swimming pool has a wellness area with jacuzzi and sauna.

Swimming pool: 27 C ° 25m * 33.3m ~ 2m deep, 834 square meters

Swimming pool: 30 C ° 7.5m * 12.5m ~ 1m deep, 99 square meters(The training pool is 100 cm at the stairs and 110 cm at the deepest point.)

Jacuzzi: 37 ° C

Cold water plunge pool: 20 ° C

Sauna for athletes:
Athletes do not need to take a sauna after each workout, it is enough to install it twice or three times a week, it will be much more effective than in the case of everyday sauna.The sauna should always be scheduled for the post-workout period. It is only necessary to take a sauna before training if the muscles are too frozen due to possible cold weather, and even then a few minutes of irritating sauna is recommended, then it is worth leaving the cooling, it is only worth taking a shower in lukewarm water for a short time and you can start the workout.

During the preparation for the competition, it is worthwhile to install longer saunas only in the first period, as the time of the competition approaches, it is more and more worthwhile to limit the time of the sauna.

Post-workout saunaing should not be started immediately as it will further strain the body and will not be effective. It is worth taking a break after your workout, you can even sleep for a while, and you should only take a sauna after your body has fully returned to normal.If an athlete does not follow these rules for the sauna, he or she will not achieve the desired result or may impair his or her performance in connection with the sport.

About saunas in general:
Finnish sauna: The unusually high temperature of 70-100 C ° is easily tolerated by the low humidity. Our body always strives to maintain balance, so it responds to hot and dry air with intense sweating. Evaporation of sweat cools the skin and does not allow it to overheat. After hot air, it is recommended to use a shower or tub and then cool in the cold water of the plunge pool. Alternating hot and cold air detoxifies the body through increased sweating. Its effects include training the heart, which reduces the fatigue and strength of a healthy person in a similar way to sports. Increasingly frequent stress effects can also be eliminated or reduced with regular sauna use.

Infrared sauna: The operating temperature of the infrared sauna is 50-60 C °, so it does not use our body so much, because the infrared radiators heat the body directly and not the air, so reaching the deeper layers of the skin in a shorter time, more intense sweating occurs.

Areas of application: removal of toxins, fat burning and weight control, stress reduction, increasing energy levels, slowing down the aging process, skin rejuvenation, beauty care, pain relief, circulatory system training, sports, disease prevention, healing.

Ticket prices:
- adult 1300 HUF / person
- early ticket: 800 HUF / person
With the Mórahalom City Card, Mórahalom residents can buy a ticket to the Móradomb Swimming Pool with a permanent discount of 20 percent. The discount applies to the full-price adult day ticket, which is only HUF 1,040 / person instead of HUF 1,300 / person!
Season tickets:
- 12 suitable HUF 11,000
- annual season ticket HUF 80,000
Rental Fees:
- water polo 500 HUF
- swimming cap 200 HUF
Nice card acceptance.
Credit card payment option.

Tel .: +36 30 558 8944

Parking is free in the immediate vicinity of the swimming pool.