If this house could talk! It would tell you it was built several generations ago, it was always owned by the same family, and passed from father to son.

Decades later, it found farmers who considered it important to preserve the memory of our ancestors. They established a museum that presents the everyday life of bygone times in an interesting way for all ages.

The furnishings of the house have been enriched with antiques and photos given by locals for preservation or as gifts, so you can gain insight into the lives of many other families in Homokhát. With their help, the house is as good as new, a dresser stands again in the clean room, those who are tired can sit on an arm bench, and in the yard a chariot from Dorozsma has been re-established.

Even if the house does not speak, the objects do. Listen to their stories, look into the lives of families 50-60 years ago, and remember them. You can see what tools they used for farming, what the adults cooked in and what the kids played with. Assisted by experiential professional guidance, these images can all come to life before your eyes.

Booking is required before visiting!