The Röszke Paprika Park is located in the heart of the nationwide Szeged pepper production area.

In the museum created in the park, you can learn about the origins, traditional and modern processing and use of paprika, and much more.

All of this information is spiced up with humor and visual aids, so a visit to the museum is an enjoyable program for all ages.
They also have the opportunity to visit the drying and grinding plant of paprika. Fresh ground bread can be purchased on request, and traditional pepper dishes can be sampled at the inn next to the factory.
The park has been operating for 20 years as a family business. The aim of establishing the museum was to ensure that the rich Hungarian paprika tradition was not lost and that the younger age groups could get acquainted with the values of the spice.
The exhibition is available in Hungarian, English and German, only with professional guidance (in Hungarian and English) and registration.
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Admission prices:
Total price: 1000 HUF / person
Retired, teacher, student: 500 HUF / person

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