The sports complex on Rákóczi square provides sports facilities especially for young people and children, where good conditions are ensured.

It is particularly important to get to love exercise as a child in order to become much healthier and more confident by adulthood. There are only a few places to play tennis, but Mórahalom has also managed to meet this need. On Rákóczi square, beginners and advanced players can try their backhand and forehand shots on two clay courts. A sports ground reminiscent of an old student novel has also been built at the sports complex. It is possible to play mini-football, handball, volleyball, badminton, basketball, or even streetball. Comfort and safety are provided by fences, lighting, and a video surveillance system, so parents can feel free to let their seedlings go and play.

Annual pass: HUF 15,000

1-hour court use: HUF 1,000