Mórahalmon offers diverse opportunities for sports.

Today, due to our changed lifestyle, we have less and less time to exercise, in addition to a lot of work and study. But in addition to maintaining our physical health, sport also has an excellent effect on our mental activities and well-being.

Móradomb boulevard is home to the citadel of exercise. There is a sports and event hall where you can watch or even take part in professional sports events. Lovers of team sports can rent artificial and live grass, as well as rubber tracks, where they can spend a few hours working out with their friends and family. Furthermore, beach football is also available on the specially designed court.

Those who like to rely on themselves can exercise out in the fresh air for free, in the outdoor fitness park or can run challenging distances on the 200 m treadmill. The gym, which is becoming more and more popular, is also located in the sports complex; Móra Gym Fitness Club awaits determined advanced and enthusiastic beginner users from morning to evening.

Information on gym use is provided by: Zalán Suhajda operator