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Our spa map includes:

Drinking fountainsFree WIFI pointsTourist service providers and public institutionsParking optionsInformation points

With this comprehensive map, you'll have everything you need to navigate and enjoy your time here.

Where can you rest in the summer heat?

Many areas in our settlement feature parks surrounded by trees, providing shade for relaxation. Additionally, you can cool off in our two air-conditioned guest rooms, available anytime. You're welcome to visit us at the main entrance of the Szent Erzsébet Mórahalmi Gyógyfürdő (Saint Elizabeth Thermal Spa) or at the Turisztikai Iroda (Tourist Office) in the town!

You can access free WIFI at various locations throughout Mórahalom, including:

Here's a refined list of outdoor free Wi-Fi points in Mórahalom:

  • Piaccsarnok (Market Place) in Szentáromság tér (Szentháromság Square) and the area of the bus station opposite
  • Aranyszöm Rendezvényház (Aranyszöm Event House) courtyard
  • Playground and Pramonád square during the festival
  • Squares in front of Szent Erzsébet Mórahalmi Gyógyfürdő (Saint Elizabeth Thermal Spa)
  • Szent László Park and the Millenniumi sétány (Millennium Promenade) to Elixír Hotel
  • Barmos György tér (Square) and the area in front of the summer entrance to the spa
  • Szentáromág tér (Square) in front of the Mórahalmi Mayor's Office
  • Outdoor area of Patkó Lovas Színház (Patkó Equestrian Theater)

Here's a refined list of indoor free Wi-Fi points in Mórahalom:

  • Mórahalmi Mayor's Office
  • Móradombi Sportcsarnok (Sports Hall)
  • Aranyszöm Rendezvényház (Event House)

Here's a refined list of emergency contacts and services available in Mórahalom:

Constructions and Developments:

Currently, two major developments are underway in the settlement. Firstly, the establishment of the new Social Service Center in the Kossuth Park area. Additionally, there is an expansion of Mórahalom's commercial network, including the construction of a store selling household goods and a drugstore. For more details on these developments, please refer to the provided link.

Future Restrictions and Constructions: Stay informed about possible future restrictions and constructions in the settlement by checking the latest news updates.