The small island area between Ásotthalom and Mórahalom was named Csodarét (Wonder meadow). It is truly a miracle that we can enjoy its present splendour to this day.

From the end of February, she unfolds her floral splendour, joined by new and new beauties every week. Until August, bulbous plants, grape hyacinth, tiny pansies, orchids, and many more charming companions alternate. In the sandy area of the meadow, the silk of ponytail grass is also swung by the wind.

As you walk through the eye-catching multitude of plants, you can observe the many hundreds of cicadas and beetle species that make up the fauna of the area.

You can read even more specialties about Csodarét on the Csodarét educational trail, where information boards in Hungarian, English and Serbian show the charm of the area.