Electric bicycle rental

In addition to traditional bicycles, it is also possible to rent electric bicycles at the Mórahalom Tourist Office.

Mórahalom has been regularly earning the title of "Cycling Friendly Settlement" for many years. Today, there are more than 30 km of safe cycling routes in the town, and there is a protected bike path in all directions from the town. The cycle path network is suitable even for younger children, as there are minimal level differences due to the Great Plain.

We have 2 electric bicycles at our office, we also provide a visibility vest and a helmet for the bicycles on request.
Electric bicycle rental (per bike): 3 hours 4,000 HUF, 1 day (24 hours) 8,000 HUF, weekend (Friday-Monday) 15,000 HUF. The deposit fee for the rental of electric bicycles is 20,000 HUF, or a photo ID is required to deposit will be back at the end.

A contract will be concluded for the rental of bicycles, for which an identity card and an address card will be required, as well as the acquisition and acknowledgment of the user manual.

For more information, call 06-62-660-710 or in person at the Tourist Office.