Environmentally conscious sightseeing - this is also possible in Mórahalom!

Discover our city, our natural values, our sights with the 'Hop On - Hop Off' electric SIGHTSEEING BUBA bus.

What does that mean? Get on a particular route, and if you get off at a stop along the way, you can board another bus later on with the ticket you bought earlier.

Our buses depart from St. Elizabeth Mórahalom Spa and have the following stops:

Ezer Év Parkja (Park of a Thousand Years)

Nagyszéksós – lake – Buffalo Reserve


Or you can select from our unique BUBA bus "7 days 7 adventures" offers:

Farm visit

Saddle up

Lakeside tour

In the footsteps of Sándor Rózsa

String railway memories

Paprika, our passion

Alsótanya's generation

Special transport services are also available for family events and programs (12 persons/way).

Regarding any questions, sending a quote and making an appointment, please contact us at:


Tel: +36 (62) 660 710