Environmentally conscious sightseeing - this is also possible in Mórahalom!

Discover our city, our natural values, our sights with the 'Hop On - Hop Off' electric SIGHTSEEING BUBA bus.

What does that mean? Get on a particular route, and if you get off at a stop along the way, you can board another bus later on with the ticket you bought earlier.

Our buses depart from St. Elizabeth Mórahalom Spa and have the following stops:

  • Ezer Év Parkja (Park of a Thousand Years)
  • Nagyszéksós – lake – Buffalo Reserve
  • KOLO


Or you can select from our unique BUBA bus "7 days 7 adventures" offers:

  • Farm visit
  • Saddle up
  • Lakeside tour
  • In the footsteps of Sándor Rózsa
  • String railway memories
  • Paprika, our passion
  • Alsótanya's generation


Special transport services are also available for family events and programs (12 persons/way).

Regarding any questions, sending a quote and making an appointment, please contact us at:

Email: tdm@morahalom.hu

Tel: +36 (62) 660 710