Dear Families, We would like to have a mini-series to make your time in Mórahalom even more unforgettable!

TIP: Now when booking accommodation, you can also get discounted spa passes at participating private accommodations. https: // The children's bath section of the St. Elizabeth's Mórahalom Spa offers a memorable experience for all ages. You can try the paddling pool, the elephant slide, but aquatic animal figures are also great favorites for kids. Other family-friendly services are available, such as the kitchenette (with baby bottle warmer), the children's toilet or the changing table.https: //

TIP: Thousand Years Park - a walk in the wonderland of Mórahalom. The models reveal the architectural symbols and historical monuments of historical Hungary on a two-hectare area. In addition to an experience similar to Gulliver's trips, it is possible to hide in the skin (clothes) of princesses, knights and warriors, which is a memorable program for the whole family with its uniqueness.https: //

TIP: The Buffalo Bowling Club and Bar is a place where young and old alike can find the most ideal form of entertainment for them. In addition to billiards and air hockey, a children's play area awaits visitors.https: //

TIP: The Nagyszéksós Lake and Buffalo Reserve conjures up a picturesque setting for a picnic. Its rich fauna and flora attracts the attention of all young children, and the braver ones have the opportunity to pet a buffalo. As a coronation of the time spent there, we can also take photos at the photo wall.https: // /.../nagyszeksos-to-es...

TIP: Would you know Mórahalom? Then Móra-Tour Challenge Discover the city, have fun and a little reward awaits you for completing the tour! What do you have to do to do this? Capture every station with a photo and show it to us! Details can be found at the link!

TIP: You can choose from the colorful program offerings of the Horseshoe Equestrian and Outdoor Theater during the summer months. The special feature of the performances is that one of the important actors on the stage is the horses. Memories born here are often heard from children as well.https: //

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