Morahalom city and tourist card

A card system called Mórahalom Városkártya has been introduced, which provides a discount system for citizens living in the city on the one hand - the Mórahalom Card - and on the other hand for guests and tourists arriving in the city - this is the Tourist Card.

After the presentation and validation, the holders of the City Card can realize immediate discounted consumption / purchase up to the extent of the discounts provided by the Service Providers at the city acceptance points.

The operation of both city cards is based on a QR code, which, when downloaded to a smartphone, exempts you from using a plastic card, so you will always be with the owner via the smartphone.

Both types of cards can be requested through the official website serving the City Card system. After registration, the claimant can receive the virtual card by e-mail. You do not need to install an application on your smartphone to use it, just save the card as an image in your phone. To register, click here:

For the elderly and those who do not use a mobile phone, it is also possible to print cards. The plastic card can be provided for an environmental fee of HUF 1,000, the exclusive location of which is the Tourinform office in Mórahalom (Mórahalom, Tömörkény utca 3.). Here you can also request the given card type in person by filling in the registration form.

Residents with a PERMANENT address in Mórahalom are entitled to apply for the Mórahalom Card. The condition of the application is to attach a copy of the address card.The card is valid for 1 year from activation.

The number of acceptance places is constantly expanding, it is available at the following link:

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