Fehérlófia and kings arrive in Mórahalom

The Patkó Equestrian and Open-Air Theater in Mórahalom will open its eighth season in 2022. On Wednesday in the stables, Félix Duka, theater director, and Tibor Pintér, head of the National Equestrian Theater, reported on the curiosities of this season. Two concerts, five musicals, two operettas and ten horse performances will be shown within the walls of the indoor riding arena.

The Patkó Equestrian and Open-Air Theater will perform on horseback for the eighth time, and viewers will be able to choose from ten different equestrian theater productions this season. Genre diversity has almost become a hallmark of the theater and it will remain so in 2022: there will be musicals, concerts, operettas and rock operas as well.

Lovers of classical operettas will also be entertained by a selection of works by Imre Kálmán, also performed by the Monarchy Operetta.

"This is an important event, because we have been preparing for the Mórahalom summer for a long time, which has two pillars, one is the theater and the other is the equestrian theater." He added, they pay attention to the feedback from the spectators, so the chairs are equipped with backrest cushions.

Tibor Pintér, who had a story about each poster, held a press conference in front of the advertising posters of the 2022 pieces of the Patkó Equestrian and Open-Air Theater in Mórahalom.
Tibor Pintér, the director of the National Equestrian Theater, began by expressing his joy that a fruitful relationship had developed between them thanks to the leaders of the local cultural life, which is a great honor for them.

"We have respect in Mórahalom," he said. Among the pieces, Pintér highlighted Fehérlófiia, among others.

"We need the tale. Not just for the kid, but for the families as well. In this story, Baltofia protects her homeland from the devil as she struggles with dragons in action scenes that fit into Hollywood movies" - the popular artist made the production popular.

Among the historically inspired performances, the artist told about the piece entitled Árpád-házi királyrock, with which, as he said, I would like to bring our Hungarian heroes to life. Interestingly, the childhood and young kings will be played by students from the Academy of the National Equestrian Theater.

Source: delmagyar.hu