Protected by "Homokhát peach brandy"

Homokhát peach brandy received EU protection.

Pálinka can be produced in the southern part of the Sand Ridge between the Danube and the Tisza, exclusively from fruit from this area. Homokhát peach brandy is characterized by a full, characteristic, light astringency, but also a restrained perfume and discreet aroma.
By a decision of the European Commission on 7 March, the name Homokhát peach brandy was granted EU protection. As a result of the Ministry of Agriculture's Geographical Indications Program, the number of EU-protected geographical indications has thus risen to 79: 28 food, 38 wine and 13 brandy names are protected in the EU.
The production of Homokhát peach pálinka can only take place in the commercial pálinka distilleries of certain settlements located in the southern part of the Homokhátság between the Danube and the Tisza, only from peaches from this area.

In addition to legal protection, the protection of a geographical indication increases the distinctiveness of the product in trade, helps the consumer to make a purchase decision, and promotes the product to the producer.
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In our region, Homokhát peach pálinka cooked by Kerekes Pálinka in Zákányszék can be bought in the Homokhát Portékák Shop (6782 Mórahalom, Tömörkény u. 3.) and in the Ezer Ép Park (6782 Mórahalom, Móradomb körút 17-19.).