Which accommodations can I choose from?

In Mórahalom, visitors have a variety of accommodation options to choose from. You can opt for private accommodation, apartments, pensions, or hotels. Some popular choices include:

Elixír Medical Wellness Hotel*** Superior, Colosseum Hotel****,Thermál Panzió (Three-star Guesthouse)

These accommodations offer direct access to the spa, ensuring convenience for guests looking to enjoy the thermal baths and wellness facilities.

Both the Elixír Medical Wellness Hotel*** Superior, the Colosseum Hotel****, and the Thermál Panzió are centrally located, offering guests an ideal retreat and easy access to explore the city. You can learn about pricing, services, and current availability by visiting their respective websites or contacting them directly.

You have the option to select from various private accommodations located just a short walk from the spa. These guesthouses and apartments are situated at different distances from the city center, offering accommodations both within the city center and on farms or in the outskirts.

Where can I eat?

In Mórahalom, you have a variety of dining options to choose from. Whether you're looking for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, Varga Csárda offers a diverse menu every day of the week. Other restaurants in the area, such as Elixír Hotel Restaurant Café & Bar, Colosseum Hotel Restaurant, Platán Panzió and 4-es Vendéglő (Restaurant), Vanilla Restaurant and Confectionery, and Szoki Pizzeria, also serve delicious dishes for a satisfying lunch or enjoyable dinner.

Some of these catering establishments in Mórahalom cater to guests with special dietary needs. Restaurants like Vanilla Restaurant and Confectionery or the Colosseum Hotel ensure that everyone can enjoy their gastronomic offerings. Guests with dietary restrictions can inquire about the current offers directly from the restaurant's website or by speaking with the staff.

Dolce Vita Confectionery and Vanilla Restaurant and Confectionery offer delightful confectionery treats. For those craving an authentic Italian gastronomic experience, Caffé Trieste serves cakes made from original Italian recipes paired with freshly roasted Italian coffee specialties.

Indulge in a local culinary delight by trying the famous Rózsa strudel from Mórahalom. With its delicate layers and rich, varied fillings, it's sure to captivate every palate.