"Immerse yourself in health!"

St. Elizabeth Spa of Mórahalom, located in the centre, is the town's jewel box. The facility, which has existed since the 1960s, attracts hundreds of thousands of people. In the many decades that have passed since then, the spa has undergone a lot of remodelling and development. As a result, it has now become one of the most excellent spas in Hungary.

The name spa is no accident either. 4 types of medicinal water - Árpád, Erzsébet, Szent László and Mátyás medicinal water - help the healing of those suffering from gynaecological, abrasive and inflammatory joint diseases, spinal diseases and muscle rheumatism. In addition, Móra-Vitál Nonprofit Kft. provides specialist medical examinations and medical treatment for those wishing to recover.

However, the spa is not just a medical centre. Here, everyone can find the entertainment option that best suits their needs. Relaxation and resting of the guests is ensured by slides, saunas, as well as 17 pools in winter and 21 pools in summer. While there is a playhouse and playground for children, the wellness area is open all year round for adults looking to pamper their bodies and souls.

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