The building, which once stood on the border with Balástya, is not only a remarkable monument of folk architecture, but also a literary and cultural monument.

The building, which was once on the border of Balástya, the homestead of the parents of the writer István Tömörkény, was rescued by the Municipality of Ásotthalom, which was already shown on the military maps of 1747 in the area of the Upper Homesteads of the then Szeged Captaincy. It was rebuilt by the municipality using original materials.

Tömörkény House is a place of cultural experience. In their clean room you can get acquainted with the material memories of the peasant way of life between the two world wars. Entering the building is the contemporary kitchen, which gives a taste of the tools of the former kitchens and presents their shape and material variations up to the 21st century. A contemporary, 19th-century clean room has been set up in the living space, where we can get acquainted with the peasant way of life, as well as a creative room commemorating István Tömörkény and Ede Kisteleki.

In the cellar, in addition to the memories of the Szeged winery, the inns and the mining of the meadow limestone building material, we also invite you to relax or have active fun on demand! Last but not least, Sándor Rózsa and his comrades-in-arms visited this building several times, as evidenced by two short stories by Tömörkény.