Lake Nagyszéksós and Buffalo Reserve

One of the most favorite place for hikers

The uniquely beautiful Lake Nagyszéksós is located in the Mórahalom district. The saline area serves as a habitat and feeding ground for nesting and migratory birds.

In addition to the birds, you can also meet one of the majestic animals of the Hungarian Great Plain, as you can get acquainted with the daily life of the buffalo herd at the Buffalo Reserve by the lake.

The Bölömbika educational trail, which surrounds the lake, offers an excellent opportunity for recreation.

The hiking trail leads through a canal bridge across the canal to a birdwatcher in the middle of the nature reserve. As part of a bike tour, you can also see the lake and its surroundings on a built-in bike path.

They can get acquainted with the protected flora and fauna of the area. From the lookouts you can see the lake and observe buffaloes grazing or just chilling.

The Buffalo Reservation, the lookout towers and the Bölömbika educational trail are open all year round and free of charge.

In good weather and with the right water level, a lookout point on the surface of the water provides a fairytale-like view.

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