Great Plain Blue Tour

Walking through the 13 stages of the Great Plain Blue Tour, we can get to know the region of unparalleled beauty and meet the treasures of nature.

The plains of the Great Plain, the fields, the endless acacias ... This characterizes the view of the hiker, which is sometimes dotted with sand dunes.

Walking the 840 km long route takes a lot of endurance from adventurers!
The tour itself starts from Szekszárd, the end point of the Pál Rockenbauer South Transdanubia Blue Tour, and runs to Sátoraljaújhely, from where the National Blue Tour can be reached. The three major blue-marked hiking trails form the National Blue Circle.

Important information for the changes that will take effect on March 23, 2020:
As a result of the maintenance works carried out on the Alföld Blue Tour in 2019, the route segmentation has changed. Instead of the previous 10, the entire hiking distance has been divided into 13 sections, which follow a route that is more optimal for hikers, adapted to transport hubs and rich in both natural attractions and cultural values.

The number of stamp slots on the route has been expanded by 20, and the imprint of the stamp rubber has changed in 3 locations.
The above is already included in the new certificate booklet, and an up-to-date list of stamp locations can always be found on this page.
The old certificate booklets are still valid, the conditions for their use do not change, so there is no need to replace them.

The completion of the Great Plain Blue Tour can be verified by using the old and the new certificate booklet together. In this case, both publications will be required to verify compliance
.In the event of successful completion, the holders of old and / or new certificate booklets submitted for inspection after 23 March 2020 will receive the individual badge of the Alföldi Kéktúra free of charge in addition to the certificate of recognition.
In the case of interrupted and resumed tours, the new certificate only needs to be stamped once, but both dates must be entered in the space provided.

The old practice in the old publications is still the same: double stamping and dating will be left in case of interruption and restart. The supplement can be downloaded from this website

.The sections traversed and verified before the changes of the Great Plain Blue Tour do not have to be visited again or re-stamped.

Completion by bike is no longer acceptable in the new certificate booklet, however, for old booklets in use, it is still acceptable until June 30, 2021.

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