The atmosphere of the church of King St. László carries the devotion and prayers of more than a century, which can still be felt to this day.

The choice of place for the church was not a matter of chance either. A higher hill once rose next to the country road 20 kilometres from the town of Szeged. It was also called 'waiting for bread" hill. It got its name from the fact that the shepherds rested there at noon and they could see their family members bringing lunch from there.

According to oral tradition, one of the shepherds, while waiting, stabbed his shepherd's crook on the hilltop and foretold: "You wait and see, one day they shall build a church here!".

The prophecy became a reality on 16 May 1892. A chapel was built in honour of the Guardian Angels to practice the religion of the faithful in the area. Initially, the Franciscan monks of the Church of the Havasboldogasszony in Szeged-Alsóváros took care of the religious functions and the spiritual care of the faithful, then in 1899 Alsótanya (Mórahalom) received the rank of an independent parish. The church has been standing in its present form since 1903 in honour of King St. László, which can be visited every day.

This church is the jewel of Mórahalom and its surroundings, which invites local believers and visiting guests to calm down from morning to evening.