Whether it's bathing, relaxing, recovering, or actively recharging, you're in the right place in our town.

Discover what awaits you in Mórahalom!

The open-air exhibition at the Park of the Thousand Years offers visitors the opportunity to admire architectural masterpieces of historical Hungary represented in the form of models. Additionally, they can gain insight into a valuable indoor installation.

Visitors can immerse themselves in the medieval atmosphere by donning period clothes and knight's capes, available for both children and adults. They can partake in a mini-guided tour or explore the park independently, with thematic booklets and quiz booklets enhancing the experience. We recommend keeping an eye out for family events held in the park to further enrich your visit!

During the summer months, visitors can enjoy theatrical performances in the form of musicals, folk musical plays, operettas, and rock operas at the Patkó Equestrian and Outdoor Theatre. A unique feature of this theater is the incorporation of horses as important characters in the performances, offering an opportunity to celebrate our historical heritage and Hungarian equestrian tradition. Those interested should purchase tickets inadvance, as popular seats tend to sell out quickly.

The Aranyszöm Event House is the 'cultural stronghold of the people of Mórahalom.' The building comprises a Theater Hall, a Great Hall, and a Wedding Hall, providing space for city events, theater performances, conferences, and exhibitions. The programs organized here nurture our culture and entertain visitors with a variety of events.

In the spring and autumn months, the Event House hosts enjoyable theater performances, concerts, and occasional musical events, offering a pleasant recreation at the end of the day. Tickets for current performances can be purchased in advance online or at the venue.

The Kolo Cultural Center serves as a meeting point for the Serbian and Hungarian communities, bridging differences and highlighting similarities. Often referred to as the 'Gateway of the Balkans,' it acts as a cultural link, connecting Hungarian and Serbian traditions and art. The center hosts a variety of cultural events and concerts, showcasing the rich heritage of both communities.