The indoor riding arena of Futó-Dobó Equestrian Centre hosts the performances of the Horseshoe Equestrian and Outdoor Theatre, which provides an open-air theatre experience for visitors while the performances are not exposed to weather conditions.

Visitors can watch theatrical performances in the Horseshoe Equestrian and Open-Air Theatre during the summer months. The special feature of the theatre is that horses are important actors in the performances. This is an opportunity not to forget our old Hungarian equestrian tradition.

The design of the building is excellent for theatrical purposes, as it has a 324-seat gallery, and even mobile stands will be installed during performances, which will increase the theatre's capacity to 1,000 seats.

The location of the riding school is not cause for concern, either. Those arriving from Mórahalom are transported to the stables and back by Buba bus event shuttle, departing from the centre. Those living in the surrounding settlement have the opportunity to request a transfer, which provides a trip home in addition to the way there.

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