Getting Around Mórahalom:

In Mórahalom, most accommodations, restaurants, and services are conveniently located near the spa, making it easy to reach everything on foot. However, for those who prefer a faster and more comfortable mode of transportation, the sightseeing Buba bus is an excellent option. This electric minibus provides an unforgettable experience for visitors looking to explore Mórahalom, its attractions, and natural beauty in an environmentally conscious way.

Hop-on-Hop-off Option: During the tourist season, visitors can use the "Hop-on-Hop-off" feature of the Buba bus. This means that passengers can disembark at any stop along the route and board a later bus with their previously purchased ticket.

Buba Bus Stops: The Buba bus has 4 stops along its route:

  • Szent Erzsébet Mórahalmi Gyógyfürdő (Saint Elizabeth Thermal Spa)
  • Departure and arrival point.Ezer Év Parkja (Park of Thousand Years)
  • Nagyszéksós - Lake and Buffalo Reserve
  • KOLO Serbian Cultural Center

Special Charter Option: Our service also offers the option for a special charter flight, which is ideal for family events, programs, or group sightseeing. This option accommodates up to 12 people per way.

Event Shuttle Service: Our minibus also operates as an event shuttle service before and after performances at the Patkó Lovas- és Szabadtéri Színház (Patkó Equestrian and Outdoor Theater).

For availability and further information, please click here.

Bicycle Rental at the Tourist Office in Mórahalom:

You can rent bicycles at the Tourist Office in Mórahalom, offering both traditional and electric bicycles for those who prefer active recreation.

Currently, our office has 3 traditional adult bicycles and 1 children's bicycle, as well as 2 electric bicycles available for rental. Visibility vests and crash helmets for bicycles are provided upon request.

For more information, please visit our website.

Equipment Rental for Active Living:

We also cater to those with restricted mobility who still lead active lives. In Mórahalom, you can rent various types of equipment to facilitate the joyful exploration of the city's treasures.